On Imitation and Influence

On Imitation and Influence

On Imitation and Influence

Imitation and influence are significant players in our lives. People we interact with influence us one way or the other. We also tend to imitate cues, actions, and attitudes we see other people do. It is just natural.

Imitation has been termed a bad thing. But unfortunately, the educational system takes a lot of the blame here, even though, in their defense, they are doing the right thing.

As students, imitation, which is popularly called copying or cheating – was a vice. You don’t imitate people as if caught; you will be punished.

This experience has given us the impression that imitation is bad and that nobody should be caught imitating another. So we are too careful not to be caught copying another person, sounding like another artist, writing like another writer, drawing like another artiste.

We want to be distinct. Be different. Be unique.

All these are totally fine, but the problem with this is that it robs you of the opportunity to imitate. Better put, it gives you a false idea that you can be anything without imitation.

Some people passed down what your teachers taught you in school, who also learned it from others. The only difference most times was that they built on these ideas better.

To learn the keyboard, you have to imitate your teacher.

To learn to sing, you listen to your voice trainer.

To learn football, you listen to your coach.

To learn to draw, you learn from your mentor.

These are shades of imitation and influence, and you must learn to be comfortable in that skin.

You are not self-made, no matter the hard work you put in or your intelligence. Instead, you learn from people and have to go on to build on that knowledge.

As a creative, to be better at what you do, you need to be good at imitating.

Imitation is not the lack of creativity. It is the beginning of creativity. It is a jump start.

Imitation is only a problem if you fail to find yourself while imitating.

Until then, you cannot avoid imitation and influence.

to be continued…

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