The Physics of Vulnerability
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The Physics of Vulnerability

The Physics of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is not Weakness

Have you listened to someone share a story that you also suffer from?

It inspires you. It gives you a sense of belonging that you are not alone. That you have someone that feels what you feel.

That someone chose to be vulnerable and their vulnerability is what gave you hope to forge ahead.

That is in no way weakness but strength.

Vulnerability is the best way to know who is courageous.

Courageous enough to show up, to be seen, even when we do not know what is waiting for us at the other side.

The physics of vulnerability is that  we will fall and fail if we are courageous enough. However, that courage transforms us into something better than when we chose to be vulnerable and when we fall.

This is where and when we rise.

You are either going to chose comfort or courage. But rest assured, you cannot have both.

Comfort to seat in the arena to spew, shout and have fun or courage to step into the arena to fight, to get your ass kicked and triumph.

It is your your life. Be courageous to own it.

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