The Secret to Being a Great Writer

The Secret to Being a Great Writer ?

The Secret to Being a Great Writer ?

Becoming a great writer isn’t an easy feat. It is tremendously difficult. Yet, it is as simple as starting to write.

If you are worried about getting it all right at the beginning, you just might never be a great writer. Do something else.

But to be a greater writer requires that you start writing. Nothing long, or academic, just you in your most natural form talking about things that you care about deeply.

The quickest way to get trapped is by writing what you think people want to read or what they care about. Writing is about you. Not me or any other person.

Write like the writer you admire the most, modeling their use of words, style, and feel. Do it long enough and you will find yourself.

Also, you can stop the excuse of not having enough inspiration to write. Instead of waiting for that inspiration, maybe you go find it by writing.

Talk about everything and anything – the trees, relationships, maths, school, love, hate, men. There are more than enough things to talk about.

You don’t become a great writer by wanting or wishing to be one. You become one by writing tirelessly, shipping as much as you can per time, and just maybe, you will find greatness on the 1000th article.

But until then, don’t give up – that is the secret to Being a Great Writer ?.

This is my 161st article and I still have 839 articles to go.

to be continued…

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