On Courage and Impact

On Courage and Impact

On Courage and Impact

If your role model was not courageous enough, how would they have impacted you? Imagine all of the great guys you look up to feeding on their fears, what could be the impact it would have on you today?

Many of us are shortsighted and selfish. We do not see how that decision can go on to change lots of people. We think it is about us, so we are quick to give in to our fears.

But courage says NO! It speaks up. Courage shows up in spite and despite. The fear of failure or success, of what others will say, etc leads to the lack of courage.

Yes, we all exhibit all of these forms of fear. This is not because we lack the ability to do what we intend but because we lack the ability to confront our fears. We allow our fear to supersede the impact our art can have on the world.

The courage to write for 30 days non-stop.

The courage to start the podcast.

The courage to start vlogging.

The courage to shoot your shot.

The courage to ask for better pay.

The courage to own your art.

The courage to be seen and heard.

But, courage is a choice – a difficult choice to make. But when you decide, it gives you ownership. You become the one in charge as you go on to impact the world.

But if you choose your fears, you rot. Not only you but the millions of people who would have benefited from your work of art are also affected. You become the prisoner who has no say.

It is your choice to make, irrespective.

Courage and Impact or Cowardice and Failure?

to be continued…

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