On Discipline and Indiscipline

On Discipline and Indiscipline

On Discipline and Indiscipline

Discipline and indiscipline are products of our choices, and it borders on two possible answers – YES or NO.

Discipline and indiscipline pose a question – Do I want to do this or not?

In essence, discipline uses reason and logic to determine the best course of action irrespective of your desires.

We have been brainwashed to think discipline is about punishment or obedience to rules, but that is not entirely true. Instead, discipline is about freedom—the freedom to live our lives efficiently and effectively rather than being slaves to our desires.

Discipline is about doing the hard things rather than drowning in fun. It is about making difficult choices. For example, will you write or not?

Indiscipline is the other way round. Indiscipline gives a false sense of satisfaction in the present but robs you of the rewards in the future. For example, the decision to write an article or not might seem infinitesimal that one may decide to spend that time scrolling aimlessly on social media or taking a nap.

Now, there is a sense of satisfaction from social media and even the nap, but what has happened is that you have traded the opportunity to think, make something big, or cause a stir.

Note that inherently, nothing is wrong with sleeping or social media. The problem is that of priority. Hence, indiscipline is a combination of poor decision-making and the inability to prioritize appropriately.

The 30 days writing challenge is about learning discipline through writing and not necessarily about learning to write or be a better writer. Like our muscles, the more we train them, the stronger they become. So also is discipline and indiscipline. Unfortunately, our lives are plagued with indiscipline, and this challenge is an opportunity to teach the self to be self-disciplined. It is a reminder that the power to choose is yours.

Discipline and Indiscipline

What you give yourself to; is what you produce, and just like consistency & inconsistency, indiscipline is not necessary the opposite of discipline. Indiscipline is being disciplined in doing the wrong things per time.

So, you can choose to do that one thing every day or not. To write weekly or not. To record a podcast fortnightly or not. It is your choice.

When you set a schedule, stick to it – do it consistently over time, and you will be amazed at the result.

It is your call to make

to be continued

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