Entitlement Mentality

On Entitlement Mentality

On Entitlement Mentality

Entitlement mentality is a disorder, a narcissistic personality trait that claims someone or some people owe you for doing almost nothing for them.

Your money is your money; your time is your time.

This is the same for me. My money is my money; my time is my time.

You are not above the rule. If it applies to you, it applies to me also.

That you are desperately in need of money, and I refuse to give you even though I have it is not enough reason to be entitled to my money.

Same for my time. What I decide to do with my time, irrespective of how much you need me is my business.

Never guilt trip a person for refusing you their money, time, or resources.

You do not deserve any special treatment or favours. Irrespective of who you are or what you represent. The world does not owe you.

Your age, degree, bank account, and affiliations are not substantial enough reasons to be entitled to another person’s property.

More so, your personal needs are not more important than others. Don’t expect people to pause their lives because you need help, and don’t make a big scene out of it if you are refused help. They cannot accommodate to help you at that point and that is fine.

I need to say that even when you are so sure that the person has the time, money, or resource, never badmouth them for refusing you. They are in their rights if they want to.

It is also important to note that this short ramble does not support that you refuse to provide help or support to people who need it. It is simply to tackle entitlement.

Give up being an entitled person. Practice gratitude instead.

to be continued…

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