On Giving and Receiving

On Giving and Receiving

On Giving and Receiving

To the receiver, the act of giving is, firstly, to teach giving before the meeting of that need. 

We have a skewed definition of giving and receiving, and as such, we have conditioned our minds to always be on the receiving end. Meanwhile, we have so much to give.

We have been given talents, skills, knowledge, technology, and experiences to share with the world. 

Having received all these and failing to give back is inhumane. If you have something important to say and fail to say it for any reason, you have deprived others of receiving gifts.

Your voice is a gift. Your podcast, vlog, blog, art, etc., are all gifts you have received, and it is expected to give back to the world. 

Your decision to hold back your gifts is causing havoc somewhere else. 

“Thank you for sharing.”

“This is what I needed right now.”

“This made me laugh.”

“It was your podcast that changed my life forever,” and many more are what your gifts can do to a person.

For a moment, imagine someone got depressed because you failed to give or made the wrong decision because you were unable to share. 

We underestimate how much our gifts can change the world. The more gifts we are willing to give, the better our world becomes. Your art is not to be hoarded. It is to bless the world. 

So keep giving till you have nothing else to offer. 

To be continued…

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