On Taking Breaks

On Taking Breaks

On Taking Breaks…

It is very easy to take a break. It is easy to justify that you deserve it. How much you’ve worked and how much you need to rest or unwind.

The hard part is resuming the work at hand. We never consider this when we decide to take a break, and it isn’t easy to justify going back to work at hand.

On another level, if the work is tied to your livelihood, maybe it is easier to get back to work because you know that your livelihood is affected without the completion of that work.

But if it is something you are not getting paid for, it is challenging to find justifications. But you know it isn’t easy to work.

When planning out our schedules to take breaks, it is equally essential that we make plans to return to work and hold ourselves accountable.

If you can justify taking breaks, you must justify resuming the work. Hard? Yes, and that’s what it’s all about – doing the hard things.

Taking breaks is good and advisable. But it becomes a problem when you lose sight of the critical work at hand.

This is what discipline is about.

To be continued…

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