On Injustice, corruption and the misuse of power

On Injustice, Corruption, and the Misuse of Power

On Injustice, Corruption, and the Misuse of Power

You don’t fight Injustice, Corruption, and the Misuse of Power by doing nothing; living your life like it does not concern you. The issue with this menace is that it is not a respecter of person. It comes at you when you least expect it.

Many people are reluctant about the country’s state because it hasn’t affected them directly. Moreover, they still have a roof over their head, money to eat, and family members seemingly doing okay.

However, the story will not be the same if a loved one was one of the victims in Owo or if they lost a loved one because a hospital was slow to act, or any of the other products of Injustice, Corruption, and the Misuse of Power.

You don’t solve these vices by minding your business. It is done by being part of the struggle. But unfortunately, this current administration is clueless about running a country. Those aspirants from the big parties looking to take over, there is no proof that they can do any better.

Hopefully, you become so rich you can afford to send all your loved ones out of the country. But the chances are slim that is ever going to happen. So the way forward is by taking action, participating in the election, and asking the right questions.

This is not about your ego or blinded loyalty to a party candidate. This is about owning up to the truth. Millions of people are dying because they have no means of sustenance. The prices of food, fuel, and anything you can think about have increased.
The middle class is no longer in the middle class.
The country is in significant debt.
There is hardly any production happening.
The naira is useless.
Power is bad.
Insecurity is at its highest ever.

Fighting Injustice, Corruption, and the Misuse of Power requires wisdom and resourcefulness. Wisdom to act; resourcefulness to move the needle. You don’t solve these vices by arguing and ranting on social media. You do it by going out to get your PVC to vote. You do it by being truthful about who the best candidate for the election is. You do it by going out in the election to cast your vote.

Acting nonchalant is foolishness. If you want change, you have to take the step. Do the work. If you don’t, you might be the next victim directly or indirectly – it could be your child, parent, sibling, or your loved ones. It could be your business or your reputation.

Do the right thing.

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