On permission

On Permission

On Permission

You do not need permission to write an article and share, do you? Or do you ask for permission to record a podcast or video? No, you don’t

I know we learned all through school to always take permission before you do anything. But, in their defense, it was for surveillance and order.

So, we are used to waiting for someone to tell us to go ahead, to do it. This is not because we cannot do it but because we are scared that we will be blamed for it if we do it and it goes wrong.

So, you need someone to surveil you and keep you in check. You need someone that will take the blame if it goes wrong.

You are doing it wrong. You do not need any permission.

If you have a song to sing, go ahead and sing it. If it doesn’t do well, sing it better or sing something else. But do not sit there waiting for permission.

Do you know the phrase, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward?” Well, that is it.

You want to take more risks under your name. You want to do the hard things. You want to step out of your comfort zone.

Guess what? You do not need the permission of anybody.

Record with your phone, write on your blog, share on your social media page, build your community, start your project, do whatever it is you want.

The only permission you need is yours to give.

Will you permit yourself to go cause a ruckus?

The world is your stage; rock it.

to be continued…

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