Stop overthinking it

Stop Overthinking It

Stop overthinking it

I was to write a copy for one of our ads at work. As it is my practice, I write a couple and send to my boss(es) to choose from.

Copies 1 and 3 was a product of wanting to make it so perfect as a result of overthinking it. However, Copy 2 was the last one I wrote and I came by it very quickly because I was running out of time.

Guess which of the copies was selected? Yes, Copy 2 was the choice of two of my bosses. I was shocked and in my mind I was like guys, you are neglecting the two copies I put in the most energy.

Well, you get the gist, right? Many at times, in our search for perfect, we fall victim of overthinking.

Maybe, just maybe, it is not that difficult.

In this part of the world, we equate critical thinking to worrying (another word for overthinking).

What will people say? What if it flops? What if nobody reads it? What if i am rejected? and so many other what ifs.

We spend extraordinary amount of time over analyzing the least relevant things while neglecting the most important things.

To avoid overthinking, always have it at the back of your mind that there is always room for improvement

So, publish the blog already. Ship the product now. Shoot your shot today and stop overthinking it.

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