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On the Tales of Rejection

On the Tales of Rejection

Rejection is never an easy thing to manage. But, if we listen intently, rejection tells a story. Either:

  1. You are not qualified and you need to go do better or get something lesser to start with. or/and
  2. You are not the preferred choice for me or them.

See rejection as a way of life. You reject things, people, advice, etc; the same way other people would.

Rejection is a product of the choice of another. “I do not want this. I want that”

Every other story you tell yourself is totally your doing. If you blame yourself, that’s fine. Maybe you need to do better – improve on your skills, be more responsible, or something.

But the moment you take it up against the person that rejected you, you are trampling on their freedom to choose. That is crossing the line

Also, the moment you take rejection as an attack, that is crossing the line. Rejection does not necessarily mean you are a bad person. If you are a bad person, that is the go-ahead to change.

Rejection is simply that I do not want you. I want another or I think I can get someone or something better. That is not on me.

So, watch the tales of rejection you tell yourself. If I were you, I’d go and be better or look for something or someone else.

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