On Claps and Criticism

On Claps and Criticism

On Claps and Criticism

If you want claps, be ready to get criticisms as well.

Your work of art, gift, talent, skill is not for everyone to enjoy. Some will hate it so passionately, and you will doubt yourself if you are not careful.

It has nothing to do with your ability; it is just preference. The same way you like certain food types and dislike others, others will kill for them.

If you want to be liked by everyone, you do not care about your work but the fame, the followers, and the fans, which means you are not worth following.

It is insane to expect everyone to fall in love with your work. But, if you will do important work, then expect claps and criticisms – more criticisms.

One way to handle criticisms is to define your audience. Be very clear on the kind and number of people you want.

Also, be aware that many who criticize you have no clue what it means to make something meaningful. They are not in the arena; they are only spectators.

Also, claps are not the goal; neither is it your reward. Instead, it is a signal that your work is meaningful to the right people.

Creating your art for more claps is a waste of time. When they come, chew like gum, spit them out, and get back to work.

Claps and criticisms work together. Do not let them get to you.

This is just Day One.

to be continued…

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