The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

We often think the more choices, the more likely we make better decisions, but that’s far from the truth.

The more choices, the less likely you’d make the right choice.

In a world where FREEDOM is the buzzword alongside overwhelming options of things to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to make the right decisions.

Many people are stuck on what to study, skills to learn, clothes to wear, who to date, and what company to work for because there is an outrageous amount of options available to them.

This has led to paralysis and dissatisfaction. We are stuck, not knowing what to do.

In discussing the Paradox of Choice, here are four elements to note.

  1. Raised Expectations – when presented with too many options, you raise your expectations. With your expectations raised, it becomes way more difficult to meet them. That’s a problem because every available option never seems to be the best with the hopes that the next one will only never meet your expectations.
  2. Opportunity Cost – if peradventure, a choice is finally made, you begin to regret the opportunity Cost of not choosing the other options we left behind. We begin to regret not choosing the other, comparing our choice with the other options. This allows us to devalue what we choose and robs us of our happiness.
  3. Anticipated Regret – regret is the aftermath of too many options. Regret is a product of our decision or indecision. Regret is an emotion we experience when we realize that we could have been in a better situation if we had chosen the other. Too many choices rob us of appreciating what we have.
  4. Self Blame – finally, it leads to self-blame, making you feel small and incapable of making the right decision. The self-blame becomes the narrative you tell yourself, which you eventually get to believe. This affects you and takes you into a hole you never want.

Too many choices lead to frustration, depression, and disappointment. Limit the options you need to have to choose—fewer clothes, shoes, etc.

Also, note that having more choices never leads to more Freedom. It is a trap!

To be continued…

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