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Show Up – On Promises & Trust

Show Up

When you pay the doctor to treat you, you expect that they deliver on the promise. You don’t care if they have some family problems or financial troubles or if their child has some problem or their marriage is failing. You expect that they get you back on your feet and nothing less.

When you pay your hard-earned money to board a flight, you don’t care about the emotional stability of the pilots or whatever they are going through. Most times, you hardly get to see the person flying you thousands of feet to your destination. You expect that they get the job done.

You trust that the right system has been put in place to ensure that the service you paid for is delivered to you to the best of your ability. Essentially, showing up is not about how you feel or do not feel. It is not about your authentic self. It is about the work that has to be done. It is about the promise you have made.

Just the same way the work of doctors and pilots is very important, your work is important also. When you make a promise to yourself or another, your job is to deliver on that promise no matter how you feel. Being authentic leads to betrayal.

When next you feel like not showing up, or when you feel like giving that excuse or you feel like running away, remember you made a promise.

So, keep your promise and show up!

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