A Disclaimer on Chaos

A Disclaimer on Chaos, Difficulty & Hardship

A Disclaimer on Chaos, Difficulty & Hardship

I have recently been writing on embracing chaos, difficulty, and hardship, but this is a disclaimer on chaos to avoid any form of misinterpretation. First, note that chaos can be substituted for difficulty or hardship wherever you see chaos stand alone.

Chaos can be a good or bad experience. Take, for instance; you get married to a violent partner who abuses you at every slight provocation. That is chaos, but that is in no way the chaos you want to embrace or endure thinking someday, it will be all fine, or it will turn out for good.

By definition, chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion. Hence, it is essential to note that disorder and confusion are relative. It takes insight to identify what chaos you want to embrace.

Also, not all good chaos is yours to embrace. People avoid their chaos to take on another chaos that is not theirs to bear. They often do this because the cost of their chaos is more expensive and risky. Hence, they tend to make themselves feel better by doing what they shouldn’t be doing.

So, here is my disclaimer, don’t wallow in the wrong chaos with the defense that chaos is to be embraced. Anyone, anything, or any experience that does not in any way help you in achieving your goals is not the right chaos.

to be continued…

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