Give people their roses.

Give People their Roses

Give People their Roses

In an interview with Okunade Toluwanimi and Koboju Etariemi on the Shameless Podcast, they mentioned the importance of giving people their Roses while they are alive.

We are configured as humans to remember and take note of the bad things. But we can learn to see the good things and also state them.

If it is bad, we do not want to be on the receiving side. Yet, we would gladly prefer to be on the giving side.

We feel superior when we insult/shame people for their shortcomings. Yet, when we are insulted/shamed, we feel terrible about ourselves.

How about we make the world a better place by choosing to see the good. Instead of saying, “Why are you this short.” How about you say, “you are so beautiful”

Instead of saying, “you are too black” how about saying, “I love your height”

One major sign of an insecured person is that they see the bad in everything. A secured person sees the good.

When you condition yourself to see the good in others, it brings out the good in you also.

Give people their roses.

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