The Paradox of Indecision.

The Paradox of Indecision

The Paradox of Indecision.

The Paradox of Indecision is that there is nothing like indecision. The idea that you can be indecisive is faulty because indecision is a choice, although a silent choice.

Indecision is not necessarily the inability to make a choice. It is choosing to not make a choice from the options available. Hence, a choice has been made.

When you fail to pick an option, you have “refused” to do what is expected of you. That means you have made your choice.

“I do not know what to do,” or “I do not know which to pick from,” are examples of indecision but it does not absolve the actor from the consequences of not knowing, picking, or doing

Indecision does not absolve you from the consequences. You failed to choose, but you made a choice. You pay the price irrespective. Indecision is not an excuse.

So, you can run away from making the tough choices all you want; you’ve made your choice irrespective.

This is the Paradox of Indecision.

to be continued…

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