On Showing Up

On Showing Up

On Showing Up

If you have something meaningful to say and fail to say it because of what people will say, your laziness, anxiety, fear, etc., you have given up control over yourself and your work to any of these menaces.

You mean to say, “I have given laziness the wheel to my life and art.”

Do not act like it wasn’t your choice – before the procrastination happened, you made a choice – so you take responsibility for your action.

If you want to make your work count and make an impact by doing something meaningful, maybe it is time you claim hold of your control.

30 days writing challenge is not fun – it is simply me taking control of my time to think, to gain clarity, etc. – by putting in the work

If you wish to do the same, your wishes are in control of you.

If you are too lazy – laziness is in control of you

If you have one excuse or the other – your excuse(s) are in control of you.

Showing up demands that you are in control – not the voices in your head.

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