You are a Gift

You are a Gift.

You are a Gift.

Your job is beyond what you are paid for.

You can be paid for your skills, your knowledge, etc but you cannot be paid to be human.

But often time, we forget what it means to be human. We forget what it means to live.

Consequently, we forget to treat others as human. The attendant sees a person as a number. The salesman sees a person as another customer. The soldier sees the other as a number. The teacher sees the student as just another student. The marketer sees the buyer as data.

Until we see ourselves as human, we might never be able to see others as human also.

It all begins with understanding that you are a Gift. That every opportunity you get to meet another person is an opportunity to connect. To exert emotional labour. To be human.

This is what it means to be a gift – to make a person smile, to show a person love, to go the extra mile of meeting a person’s need, to become friends.

It all begins with you.

You are a gift.

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