The Job and its Responsibility

The Job and its Responsibility

The Job and its Responsibility

When you take a job, you also take up the responsibility to see that that job is done.

You agreed to the job; hence, it demands your full commitment no matter what or how.

The job and its responsibility become yours – you own it. Doing less than is required of you is going against the terms of the job.

We are often fond of doing less than is required of us. We call it the barest minimum and when we are challenged, we think it is an attack on us rather than the urge to do better.

Your job comes with the ownership of the job. To see beyond all reasonable doubt that success is attained and if it is not, it is evident that you did all you could.

The job is the value you give in exchange for the pay you get at the end of the day and the only way to justify that pay is by doing your possible best.

Negligence, Laziness, and Excuses do not get the job done. If it does, there’d be no need to give you the job in the first place.

The job requires that you are thorough. Absolutely thorough in your planning and execution.

If you are not ready to own your job, you better walk away. If not, do all you can to give your best.

To be continued

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