Excuses and Reasons

Excuses and Reasons: Make a Choice

Excuses and Reasons

Excuses are masks.

It is a representation of your fears and insecurities.

At every point you have to do a particular thing, you are faced with a decision to make.

To not do it, you give excuses.

To do it, you give reasons.

Giving reasons is very difficult. It requires that you stand up to take the responsibility. To take charge.

Giving excuses is very easy and straightforward. This is because it is a function of your fears.

You say,

“I will do it later”
“I am quite preoccupied now”
“I don’t have the time”

One way to test the validity of your excuses is to give a greater reason to do that thing.

For example, will you start this writing class if you know that you will be paid a million naira after 30 days?

Will you find the time to go to learn that skill if you are assured that Apple, Google and Microsoft will offer you a job immediately you are done?

If the answers are a YES, then your fears have been unmasked.

If it is a NO, then it means it is not something you want to do at all. Rather than give an excuse, you would say a straightforward NO.

For instance, I wouldn’t give an excuse if you ask me to come learn how to become a gymnast. I’d tell you NO, I AM NOT INTERESTED.

It means it is not what I want to do or intend to do.

But for excuses, it means you have the nudge to do it. It means you have reasons to do it but you are scared.

You are scared of failure, embarrassment.

You are scared that if you use the cash in the account, you will go broke.

You are scared of uncertainty and responsibility

You are scared of making mistakes and how people will perceive you.

You are scared of change and success.

I am not here to guarantee that it is worth doing that thing. I know you know if a thing is worth it or not.

I am only here to tell you to face your fears. Challenge yourself.

Go and learn that skill. Take that course.

You might be busy but you can schedule your time. 30 minutes daily. 1 hour daily. Depending on how flexible your free time is.

Commit to it and be disciplined.

Excuses are borne because we don’t trust ourselves to get the job done.

Trust yourself

Note: Reasons and excuses can overlap as your reason can become an excuse too. This piece doesn’t aim to out rightly define them. It only aims to get you moving.

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