You are not good enough
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You are Not Good Enough: Just Maybe

If your boss or another person says, you are not good enough.

That’s a complement or better still, a remark

It is not a verdict. It is not reality.

It is like saying, I don’t like this or I prefer this.

We all have our choices, don’t we?

But when you say it to your self. When you own that mindset, it becomes yours.

You begin to live it. Everything you do begins to revolve around it.

That’s the mindset you have chosen and your mind is so powerful that it can create the world it chooses to live in.

If you fall, the first explanation that comes to head is that you fell because you are not good enough.

If you make a mistake, you are not good enough.

If a rejection comes, you are not good enough

Then, it becomes a permanent reality.

But here is good news.

Nobody is good enough just yet

We all want more. We want to be better.

We want to achieve this and that.

We want to work on this flaw or become better at that thing.

Good enough is chasing to be better everyday at what you do or who you want to become.

Good enough is a mindset – an abundance mindset.

Good enough is a destination, a journey to better

But before you get to good enough, there is enough.

To travel to good enough, you’ve got to get to enough.

You need to begin to appreciate the fact that you are enough.

Do you still have a lot of things to learn?

Oh, hell yes, you do have a lot to learn

But at this moment you are enough.

The write up did not come out as planned?

Oh that’s fine, you can make it better. What came out is enough.

You do not have a banging body? Oh, that is great but you have a body, right?

Then you are enough

Accepting that you are enough is giving room for improvement.

It is you accepting your uniqueness rather than judge yourself by another’s status or achievement.

Accepting that you are enough is the beginning of self awareness.

It means you love you and are ready to put in the work to know more about you and do you.

We are all on the journey to good enough.

We all want to be better. We want to do better.

So, when next that voice comes, you know what to do!

Let me tell you (whispers)

Let the voice know that you are enough!

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