What number are you?

What Number are you? – A Sequel

On Comparison, Popularity and Big Stages.

PS: This post is inspired by my fellow community member and friend – Nihinlolamiwa Adekanye. She wrote the article titled, “What Number are You?” and I couldn’t help my self but to write a sequel. You should read hers before reading this

Hierarchy was learnt in the school using grades and positions as learning points.

The first is better than the rest; the second is better than the rest except the first and it goes on like that.

The problem with the school is they believe individuality is not a thing. This same problem we have carried into the real world

Individuality is enough reason why comparison and popularity contest is a futile endeavor.

We are all different individuals with different interests, purpose and calling.

That your interest, purpose and calling doesn’t attract the media doesn’t mean you are not doing important work

You are not number 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever number.

This is not a counting system. It is not about other people but you.

What are you doing? How are you making progress?

It is not about the awards

Awards are not a proof that you’ve impacted more. It should only be an appreciation for what you’ve done and an encouragement to do better.

Awards are not for hierarchy or status or class. If they are, then it is counter intuitive and zero sum.

How do you measure impact against another?

Do you say a person is more impactful because they have impacted more?

What is the standard for more?

A person who helps people build better relationships is not less impactful as a person who invents the next best social app neither are their impact inferior to the other.

Impact is judged based on the impact in question and not on another impact.

Impact is a not a status game. It is a collaboration game – all efforts towards making the world a better place.

The media, is not a judge of impact. The media is controlled by money and virality/popularity.

Are you doing what you are doing so that the media presents you with a big stage or you are doing it because you want the world to be a better place?

If it is the other, the number of people is not as important as the result of your impact on these people.

Making it to the top 100 most powerful people in the world list is not as important as changing one life for the better.

Getting a big stage is not the reward of impact. It is an appreciation for impact. The reward of impact is better

She is a better writer because you were there
He is a better decision maker because you were there
They understand sustainability better because you were there
They think better because you were there. Etc.

There in lies your glory.

Light up the world with more impacts within your corners. Don’t let the media drive you; let the people you aim to impact drive you.

Make impact ruthlessly with the mindset that you will never be given an award for your work. Do it for you. Do it for the people that matter to you

What number are you? None!

You are better.

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