The Power of Luck

The Power of Luck and the Right Place

The Power of Luck and the Right Place

We are mostly unfortunate.

  1. Most of us were born in the wrong place
  2. We are largely ignorant of this
  3. We mostly are doing nothing about it.

Maybe “unfortunate” is not the right word. Maybe “unlucky” fits perfectly.

But we have no regards for luck. We treat it with disdain. We treat it with disregard.

I just got employed to one big tech startups in Nigeria. I had thought I earned it by Merit. That I worked hard, so hard and I was rewarded duly by getting the job.

Good work environment. A career boost. Good income. Great problem we are solving.

I was curious, wanted to stroke my ego, and I asked my line manager why I was selected.

I thought I knew the answer. I thought it was my hardwork. My years of resolute laboring. Months of sleepless nights, watching courses – paid and free. I was not wrong but I missed an important detail.

My line manager killed my ego. He said, “it was because you lived here and could resume immediately”

I was hurt. He noticed, maybe or he wanted to be a bit nice or maybe he was telling the truth when he added, “but you did well in your assessment as well. You answered it the way I would have answered it”

The injury had been done. Redemption was too late but I learnt irrespective.

I learnt two things

  1. The power of luck
  2. The power of the right place.

I was lucky to be in the right place. It seemed to have favoured me more than every other thing.

I was lucky but luck, most time, is not a coincidence. There are pre qualifications for luck to wade in your favour and I had these pre qualifications. I had worked hard enough to attract luck to my side. Living here and resuming immediately were only relevant because I fit in the role perfectly. It does not make me better than the others. Luck was just in my favour as it had been against me numerous other times

These pre qualifications attract luck. They bring the results faster than you can ever imagine.

It starts with finding the right environment. The right environment bring about a change in mindset. A right mindset brings about a focus on the right actions

The right actions attracts luck and combined, they produce results.

Born in Nigeria might be totally unlucky. But luck only respects the person who is courageous enough to carve their path.

Luck is beckoning on you. Find the right place now

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