the unknown truth
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Oluwatoni Ajewole: The Unknown Truth

The Unknown Truth

My name is Oluwatoni Ajewole. A graduate of Education and English, Obafemi Awolowo University. My age is totally unclear as what it is I claim to be is totally against what I know, do and have done. Maybe it is a case of being sharper than one’s age but I totally doubt it.

I am a leader – not by the name but by action. I have led countless to do something, start something. I have pushed a lot out of their comfort zone. I have pulled folks who were on the brink of falling and failing. I have given my back as support to numerous.

All these but I am still stranded. This is not about being financially stranded. No, maybe financially too. But that’s the least of my problems right now. Here is the unknown truth about me.

I am stranded because I still feel like I am not good enough. Yet, I have written and spoken countless time against the scarcity mentality.

I want to give up the next moment as I cannot seem to push or dig harder anymore. But, tomorrow, I’d be writing and talking about staying true.

I feel like an imposter every day I wake up. Yet, I have explained what imposter syndrome is like no other person

I am hell confused as to what to do but I know for sure that confusion is a by product of creativity.

I am lazy yet to a lot of people, I am the most hardworking individual.

I know so little yet, I am being praised continually for my groundbreaking ideas and thinking pattern.

I am always scared to ship my work. I am afraid of what people will say. I am afraid I’d get a bad review. I am afraid that my work will be invalidated. Yet, I know better that all these doesn’t matter.

I am continually seeking for validation from people. Yet, I know it is a total waste of time

I am very good at my job – digital marketing – yet, I am stuck, believing I do not know anything. Maybe because I have been rejected by over 100 American companies in the last few days.

I am teaching many to write yet, I still struggle with the difference between, “their” and “there,” “where” and “were,” “life” and “live” “as” and “has,” “is” and “his” and many others.

I have a very bad memory yet, I seem to know a lot of things.

I am going through a lot everyday even if you see me as strong.

I struggle every time even if I am your source of inspiration.

This is a boy writing about his weaknesses and vulnerabilities, seeking a pat on his back, saying, “don’t give up champ”

Most times, when I see you put your hand to work, then and there, I get inspired to work.

When I see you do important work, I’m motivated also.

When you don’t give up, I draw strength from your story.

Maybe you’ve learnt or learn a lot from me.

Maybe I inspire you in ways I don’t understand myself.

But this piece is not about me as much as it is about you.

You are my inspiration

This is the unknown truth about me

Oluwatoni Ajewole is grateful

Thank you❤

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  1. You do the most bro?
    I felt you were talking about me here.
    On a low, I feel elated now!
    Your words are progressive and daring!
    You are my story of success!
    Even if I go now, which is impossible,
    I will point to you from heaven, if it’s possible,
    And I will tell God how magnificent you are,
    I will tell him about how you helped me turn my 1/2 talent into thousands.
    You are still Tonismart,
    You will never lose your wonder!
    Well done Champ!

  2. Awwwn… So cute… Thanks but then, u are still a big inspiration to me and many others. Stay strong fam!!! Lots of pple are drawing strengths from ur words… I inclusive

  3. That you’re vulnerable doesn’t mean you are weak. This is you bringing out another strong part of you and not many can let people in like this.

    You have done so well for yourself and I am certain you would do even more.

    Well done, Toni. You inspire some of us out here.

    And, thanks for always pushing us to be better.

    I am proud of you!
    Well done!

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