Don’t feel behind

Don’t feel behind

Don’t feel behind

You are just 20 something!

Nobody is ahead of you neither is anyone behind you.

Everyone is living their lives. You should live yours as well

We learnt this idea from school. Where we were all within the same age range and at the same level in the same classroom

Immediately after school, we took on different paths.

Some on their path met with luck early enough while some others weren’t lucky enough

But, there is no rule that says you cannot be successful at 30, 40, 50 or 60+

You are not in that small classroom again. You are in the real world now.

No classmates, no age group, just you.

So, srive for range. Explore your interests. Make some money.

There will always be someone that would make you feel behind.

Instead of caging yourself in that web, strive for self fulfillment and zero comparison.

We are all running different races. Run at your pace.

Face your front and don’t feel behind.

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