Things that do not scale

Do Things that Do not Scale

Do Things that Do not Scale

We all want to be filthy rich all at once.

We want to be very popular on our first post on social media

We want to close all the deals on our first sales day.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

For us to scale, we need to do things that do not scale.

To be popular, you have to have put in series of efforts over time.

The best writer did not suddenly emerge as such. It took series of writing to get recognized.

To be the best at a thing, you need to be very comfortable doing things that are not currently going to bring in results.

Posting regularly on social media doesn’t scale but to scale, you have to do it.

We mustn’t be scared of doing things that do not scale. We must be comfortable with it.

You are not going to scale until you get comfortable with things that do not scale.

Embrace them

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