Recieve your Roses

Recieve your Roses

Recieve your Roses

We are wired to see compliments as teasing.

When good things are said about us, we become suspicious of the person that said it.

“What do you want?” Or “Why are you whining me”

We have learnt to be suspicious of everyone. More so, we are so insecured about ourselves that we never believe anything good said about us.

In my podcast with Boluwatife Bamigboye, she mentioned how she gave a person a compliment and the person used the compliment to lessen her self worth.

Compliment: “Your hair looks so great, I love it”
Response: “Oh really? And I thought I was looking so bad and terrible. I am in a hurry to work so I did not get to chance to pack and style it”

Excuse me? All you have to do is to accept the compliment and wear it like the Rockstar that you are.

A simple thank you accompanied with a big smile is enough.

Stop feeling insecured about yourself so much that you forget how beautiful you are.

I hope this brings smile to your face.

Receive your roses while you still can.

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