Mental Masturbation - The Act of Doing Nothing

Mental Masturbation – The Act of Doing Nothing

Mental Masturbation – The Act of Doing Nothing

I used to have a lot of talks with people to hear them talk and share their ideas with the hopes that it would get them passionate enough to implement them. But I stopped!

Why? Barely anyone went on to do anything meaningful. It was draining me, yet, I did not see any return on my investment. This is what we call mental masturbation.

According to one of the definitions from the urban dictionary, mental masturbation is the act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in your life.”

I later realized that many people enjoy talking about all the things they never would get to do. I remember how I went on to start the CREATE BOOTCAMP to get enough people starting and making stuff.

Out of the say 80 people that enrolled, only about 20 of them went on to do anything meaningful. For the others, it was a case of this is what I want to do, but I can’t find myself doing it.

Mental masturbation is pleasurable. It stimulates you into thinking that you are doing the actual work, but that’s all and where it ends. If you find yourself planning so much but not doing anything about the plan, then you are just masturbating. It is just a pleasure.

Many of us a guilty of this. We’d discuss what we plan to do with our close pals, but we never get to do them. The truth is that mental masturbation is intellectual, stimulating, and satisfying. But that is all to it. You never find yourself taking the necessary action.

But let’s be factual. Mental masturbation is useless and hypothetical; for most of it, it is a game killer. So you never do anything but plan, prepare and analyze while leaving the actual work.

To be clear, planning and preparation are not bad, and it is not what I am referring to here. By mental masturbation, I am referring to that form of procrastination where you get to do the pseudo work of talking about all you have to do and not getting to do it.

You have attended all the webinars and conferences and watched courses but have not put any into practice.

You might want to ask about the way forward. It is simple. Get to work!

To be continued..

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  1. Thanks so much sir.
    I’m guilty Of this too
    But most times lack of resources and supports are reasons why procrastination comes in.

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