The Beauty of Rejection

The Beauty of Rejection

The Beauty of Rejection

The beauty of rejection is that it allows you to do better or do something better.

Rejection is not a menace. It is a way of life, a product of every decision we make.

When we have options, we are bound to make a choice and also reject other choices.

If I have a job opening, I will select who I think is the best candidate.

If I had to decide who to date or marry, I’d have to choose.

Every choice made implies that a rejection has happened. If you were the choice, that’s good for you.

If you got rejected, you were either rejected because

  1. You are not good enough for the individual making the decision
  2. The decision-maker found someone better than you even though you are good enough.

So, you can either go ahead or take it personally, grumbling about how much you are hated and how bad things keep happening to you.

Or you can find out which bucket you belong to and fix it.

Doing better means developing yourself to get better at that thing. So, for example, take a course, read some books, learn a skill, build a portfolio, build experience, train yourself, be disciplined, etc.

Doing something better means going ahead to get something better for yourself. For example, apply for another job, transition into another career, ask another guy or lady out, etc.

Every day is a rejection story. You are not cursed. You were just unlucky not to be the option chosen.

The beauty of rejection is it gives you the opportunity for “better.”

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