Are you living or waiting

Are you Living or Waiting?

Are you Living or Waiting?

Sadly, we don’t know what tomorrow holds

But we can control its outcome to a large extent.

Maybe large is an overstatement.

However, there are two options

1. Living, trying to make your life better by a percent everyday. Preparing to take opportunities as they come. Taking the lead. Creating change

2. Or waiting. Waiting to be picked. Waiting for your rich uncle. Waiting for a job. Waiting for chance.

1 is difficult. It demands that you honour it everyday to make a significant improvement. It requires a lot of consistency and commitment and discipline and all those other difficult stuff

1 is risky. You don’t know what the spectrum entails. You aren’t sure if it would work out. If your tiny bit of daily improvement is worth it at all.

1 is expensive. It requires too much. It demands too much from you.

However, there is an alternative.

2 Is easy. Very easy. Do nothing but wait. Wait for the HR to get back. While you wait, do nothing but hope.

2 is not risky. There is a false sense of optimism that something will come through. So you don’t try anything. You don’t put out your neck. You just wait

2 is cheap. It doesn’t demand much. Just wait.

2 is not a bad option. You can choose 2 and you’d be just fine.

2 is the best possible choice for those that do not want to make a difference. Who do not want to take the initiative. Who are scared and lack the balls to cause a ruckus.


1 is for you. Where you decide to live your life on your terms.

This is not about having a job or starting a business comparison.

This is about you owning up to yourself to make things that matter.

To do important work.

To make change happen.

To lead people.

That’s what living is about.

If you are not living, it means you are putting your life to a pause, to wait for someone or something to take control of it and use it.

I’d pick living over waiting.

What about you?

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