We all Need Superheroes
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We all Need Superheroes

We all Need Superheroes

Yesterday, Michael shared an image of a 7 year old Boy named Tom, who told his classmates that his uncle was superman.

Nobody believed him and his teacher went on to report him to his parent to caution him on lying and wanting to deceive his mates. The mother verified his story saying, yes, his uncle is superman and the next day, she put a call through to her brother to take Tom to school.

Yes, you got it right! Henry Cavalli showed up for Tom and took him to school. Henry, is Tom’s superhero.

A comment on the story made a lot of sense. The user named Gullywitch said, “Every kid should have an adult in their life that they think is a superhero and no one should ever tell them they are wrong”

We all Need Superheroes

Micheal and I had a short chat on the story and we concluded that we all need Superheroes. Not only children but even as adults.

Life is painstakingly hard. Of recent, it has become harder in this part of the world.

There is the need to have people we call Superheroes. People who we can look up to, to inspire us, people who we can walk up to to advice us, people we can reach out to to support us.

Superheroes are reminders that even in our darkest moments, we have the potential for greatness. That even when we do not feel like going any more, we have all it takes to make it to the finish line.

Naturally, we are wired to seek people that we imprint on. Most times, these people are our parents, our uncles, our aunts. But as we grow older, when we move from our immediate environment to more complex environment we face way complex challenges that we never thought about or saw people in our immediate surrounding do.

Coupled with the responsibilities that comes with adulthood, things become way difficult than we ever imagined as kids. You begin to see Superheroes in every sphere of your life.

In church, you begin to see your pastor as your super hero. In the work place, you begin to see your manager or team lead as your super hero.

Most times, these feelings are unspoken but you begin to notice that you draw strength from certain people. When you do not feel like going to church or when you feel overwhelmed and you see your pastor doing way more than you, you are inspired to keep at it.

When at work, when every thing seems so blur and meaningless, you look at your team lead and you draw inspiration from them. In fact, you can even walk up to these people to talk about how you feel and seek help or solace.

As children, superheroes captivated us because of how they looked, how they can perform all their magics. As we grow older, it is more mental than physical. We begin to see super heroes as people who challenge us to become better.

To be honest, we – adults and kids – need inspiration beyond the everyday life. The world is upside down. Sometimes, we cannot make sense of what is right before us and at that point we need someone who is courageous enough to put on the cape and show up for us.

You don’t have to have it figured out. When you are down, seek for help. When you are stuck, call on your super hero.

Most importantly, be courageous to put on the cape and show up as super heroes for other people.

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