What is your Plan

What is your Plan?

What is your plan?

In the age of planners, notepads, journals, etc, it is very easy to get carried away with the act of planning.

A says, let me go and plan properly

B says, I need to think through it

C says, I’d get back to you.

At that moment, we lose momentum.

At that moment, we procrastinate

1. Our drive to act
2. Our ability to think

We sell ourselves short. Mostly because of doubt.

Doubt in the fact that we might not be able to do what it is we want to do.

Why? Planning helps see the expected challenges.

These challenges get at us easily. We get discouraged.

Resistance steps in

This is difficult

It might not work

This is too risky.

Then we procrastinate

But procrastination is the excuse we give. There is always a major reason underneath.

We don’t just procrastinate.

We procrastinate because …………………(fill the blanks)

Is it because you are scared

Because you might fail

Because people will look down

Before you are tempted to go and plan properly or think about it, ask yourself, what plan?

Your calendar?

Make the decision immediately and go and fix it into your calendar.

You do not fix your calendar before making the decision.

You know why? You calendar will always give you the excuse of the lack of time.

Grow some balls.

I ask again, what is your plan?

Start now.

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