Shame on you

Shame On You

Shame is a signal of disapproval.

It could either be you to you or others to you.

However, it is a narrative you chose to accept.

Shame on you is a statement – one you can decide to answer to or decide to ignore.

You can decide to feel bad, cry and hide but that is on you.

Not the person that said it but you.

The world is a marketplace. The trader says his price, you, the buyer, agrees or disagrees.

It is simply your choice.

So, if a person extends shame, you know what to do.

The fact that you care so much about the one disapproval you get from the 7 billion people in the world shows how much you think of yourself.

But if you are going to be anything close to great, better be ready for the shame.

And maybe it is not as easy as I make it sound, just maybe

But it is on you

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