The Power of Positive Affirmation

The Power of Positive Affirmation

The Power of Positive Affirmation

I know you have read a lot of self help books and truth be told, a lot of self help books are BS.

However, one thing that we must never take for granted is the power of positive affirmation.

Words are very powerful. For shaming to happen successfully, words are used as the medium.

So also, to manage shaming and to be shameless, words are also very important.

One of the ways to deal with shame is to talk about it – to self and to others.

It has a way of healing us and bringing us closer to the people that care about us.

Outside shame, we have a bad habit of overemphasizing our problems or challenges with words.

For instance, the word “sapa” has been so used that even when some people have a some money to spare, they would still choose to use that word.

When you use the wrong words, you are focusing your mind and mindset to see in only that direction.

For instance, when you say you are ugly, you begin to see how ugly you are with time. But when you begin to affirm that you are beautiful, you will surprisingly begin to see the beauty.

Positive affirmation has a way of boosting our level of confidence and building our self esteem that we are pumped to go through unchartered terrains.

We are used to accepting people’s definitions of us when we can make our definitions.

Using zodiac signs and temperament types to justify the way you act is inhumane.

I am not quick to anger is a better affirmation to I am very quick to anger

I have terrible mood swings is a negative affirmation. I am in control of my emotions.

I have the best set of people around me rather than I have terrible friends.

When you affirm negative things, you find yourself in negative situations.

A lot of us are doing badly financially because all we do is lament about how bad the economic situation of the country is.

While a lot of people are quick to give the defense that they were just joking or having fun, I would advise they have fun or joke with the right words.

You build courage with your words.

Herein lies the power of positive affirmation

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