Shameless is not an excuse

Shameless is not an excuse: A Disclaimer

Shameless is not an excuse

Judging from my previous articles, I have established that shameless does not in any way mean to be without shame. Rather, it means the ability to make the best of shaming or a shameful experience.

However, shameless is not an excuse to do the wrong things with the idea that you can now avoid the shame. I am not writing so much about shame because I want you to misbehave. Rather, I am writing so much about shame because I want you to cause a ruckus.

A lot of people are stuck trying to do something daring. They are scared that someone will laugh at them. That their names will be labelled failure if they leave their comfort zone and all sorts. My job is simply to help them out of this pit they have found themselves.

But in doing so, there is a possibility that certain people will turn out to become a nuisance under the disguise of shameless.

In all of my argument, I have stated categorically that shame also has it good sides. In fact, one of the reasons we do not have most people getting drunk, killing people, and all of those other vices is because of the role shame plays in the society. If it is possible to delete shame from human, what we would have will be anarchy.

Hence, shameless is not an excuse to act wrongly. Rather it is a reason to believe that you have the extraordinary ability to make things happen. To bring about change and to cause a ruckus.

Shameless is going against all odds, to do something remarkable and meaningful.

If you want to misbehave, that is not being shameless. It is recalcitrance.

So, know your fact and where you stand.

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