Perfect and Perfectionism

Perfect and Perfectionism

I am not here to define what perfectionism and perfect is. I am here to talk down on it in the shortest possible time yet to get the most desirable effect.

Perfectionism and perfect is just an excuse you give to hide. It is a display that you are a coward. I know you think it is you trying to showcase a flawless work or trying to ensure you tie all the loose ends. But deep down, we both know that is a lie.

You are scared of what people will say. You are scared that just maybe, you did not create that work of art people would expect you to.

Perfectionism is really not you becoming perfect or good. It is you being selfish!

Perfectionism is self abuse of the highest ranking.

Stop giving us the excuse that the world – that we – wants you to be perfect. We don’t! In fact, we do not care at all!

Your job is not to be perfect. You job is to make things better by becoming better yourself and making better things.

You cannot achieve that if you are chasing after perfect and perfectionism. No you cannot!

Perfect and perfectionism are impossible.

The job you thought was the perfect job will no longer be the perfect job few weeks after resuming. You will begin to look for another perfect job

It feels like you can go and add something to that assignment you submitted yesterday even though you had felt you did a perfect job a moment ago.

You know why? The chase for perfection is an infinite chase. You never get a hold of it!  

Your job is to make art

You job is to share your work because if you do not share, you do not make better.

Your job is not to hide or to be a selfish coward.

Your job is to ship.

So, go and ship!

PS: I am in no way saying you should ship an incomplete work. I am saying ship that work you have put in your best into despite the limitations

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