Play Long Term

Play Long Term: Enjoy the Process

Play Long Term

We are mostly shortsighted. Majority of the people I have met are thirsty for very quick returns. The first question when they are asked to learn a skill is “Is it profitable?”

Good question but bad intention. They are usually more concrened with how quick they are expected to get return on their investment.

If there is anything we can learn from the older generation is how they were able to delay gratification. Although, most of this was from a wrong perspective, we cannot take away how they patiently waited for a thing to yield return e.g sending their kids through school with the hopes of the kids getting a good job to take care of them during their old age.

They were willing to wait that long but we are not willing to wait at all.

My younger brother left his job to learn a skill that would take him to greater heights in the next 5 years. While he is somewhat priviledge to have a roof and constant food supply aside the fact that he has some means of making some money at will by the side, he is sacrificing for the greater good.

He is willing to let go of present enjoyment (which is nothing at all) for future gains.

There is a subtle deception that technical skills have very quick returns. I totally disagree. Typically, here is an example of a journey- a person can learn design in 3-6 months and get an internship that pays 30k every month after about 4 months, get a full time job that pays 50k for 1 year, get a job that pays 80k for 1 year, move to 120k the next year before finally landing a 200k job. This is roughly about 4 years to get a 200k job.

What most people think is that it goes from learning a skill to earning 200k. It takes a lot of time to get such returns. So, before you commit to a skill, be willing to set out time for the waiting period before your big break.

This also helps you to prevent undue pressure, comparison and competition from other folks who seem to have got it sorted. It took them some time to get there and if it did not take them that long, they had something that boosted their career that you probably do not have.

Give yourself some time to blossom. Focus on getting better by the day and you will reap massive return in the nearest future. Have you noticed that the folks we refer to as one of the richest men in the world are mostly not in their 20s and 30s? Their wealth have compounded over the years except if they were fortunate enough to build an app that changed the world at an early stage.

Be patient with yourself. Trust yourself also. Get yourself to be in the right environment. Network with the right people. Avoid toxicity. Be happy with yourself and also let yourself be the source of your happiness.

Play long term. You do not want to be caught in the loop of depression, mental stress and all of those other stuff.

Give yourself time to nuture.

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