Watch out for those closest to you

Watch out for those closest to you

Watch out for those closest to you

When I spoke to a couple of friends that I wanted to write the book Dear Creative they advised against it.

They said that I am a nobody and no one will listen to me.

They advised me to build a career path first then come back to write the book.

I listened to them and did not write it. They had very solid point and I believed them

But it dawned on me months later that it doesn’t really matter after all. If I write it now and it doesn’t get the traffic I need, then I will write it again when I gain all the experience my friends had advised.

So I wrote the book and I was blown both by it and the response I got from it.

It was transformational for many people including myself

During my interview with Bolu on the shameless podcast, Bolu explained how we often have limiting beliefs of people very close to us,

Because we are very familiar with a person doesn’t mean they are not capable to doing the extraordinary.

We are all perpetuators and victims. We are fond of looking down on those closest to us. We are scared for them or better still we are scared that they might embarrass us.

Next time you feel tempted to look down on a person, ignore it. Rather, tell the person it is worth the try.

When someone looks down on you, ignore them and give it a try. If it fails, do it better or do something else.

Watch out for those closest to you

I hope it makes sense

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