On Accountability

On Accountability

Being accountable is scary because it demands a certain level of dedication and responsibility from our end. Yet being accountable and responsible are traits everyone should have.

A lot of people think they want freedom meanwhile what they need is accountability. You do not attain a certain level of freedom without being accountable first.

Accountability is sticking your head out for people to see you. When they see you often enough they trust you by rewarding you with leverage – their trust, capital, or labor.

However, accountability is risky – if it goes all well, you get rewarded but if it goes south, you pay the consequences as well. This is why a lot of people stay clear of taking risks in their names or showing up regularly. They are scared of being held accountable.

For instance, at your place of work, you have a manager whom you report to. They hold you accountable for everything you do without which they cannot judge you – a promotion or a demotion or worse

Shame is the reason why a lot of people refuse to be accountable. They prefer to be at the level they are rather than push beyond and fail. In essence, they would rather give up responsibility, freedom, and leverage than risk seeing the self attacked.

This also leads us to our orientation on failure. We see failure as finality rather than see it as feedback. Feedback in the sense that when you fail you can learn from your failure to do something better.

People do not like accountability because they do not like being judged. Meanwhile with judgment comes high rewards and risk. Accountability is not only for the good times. If you want to be accountable for your successes, you must be ready to be accountable for your failures. Own them with your chest.

When you are comfortable taking ownership of your failures, it is easier to find your way through to success. It also demands that you consistently check and review yourself.

Hence, it is not a one-time thing. It is an all-time thing. You cannot afford to be accountable only when it befits you. It is also the same way you cannot delegate it. You have to own it.

Are you on track? What could you do better? What did you do wrong? Is this the best I can do? etc. You must be ready to ask yourself difficult questions as well as answer and implement these solutions.

to be continued…

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  1. Accountability is difficult because it requires dedication…

    Never really considered accountability to be something that could be associated with shame, with being judges, but here it is. Thank you for driving me in a new direction.

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