Love Yourself
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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

This is the most difficult task you would ever have to do. Yet, it is the most important task.

In a competition and comparison based society, there is always room to look down on Yourself.

Could be your skin color, or teeth structure or nose shape or height or weight or intelligence or any other thing.

The difficult job of accepting your self and loving yourself brutally is crucial.

It begins by accepting that you are enough (not good enough). Accept the idea of individual difference. Embrace your uniqueness and live life on your terms.

Trying to love others without truly loving yourself is possible. But, it is a mechanism to avoid real work. What it breeds is insecurity.

Insecurity about yourself and others. For instance, our mothers loved us yet, most of them did not love themselves. You would notice how they ended up relaying their insecurities to us

In relationships too, you cannot give what you do not have. Want to be a best friend, best partner? It comes by accepting and loving you.

Love yourself.

That’s the message

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