On Marketing, the Market and the Expert

On Marketing, the Market and the Expert

On Marketing, the Market and the Expert

Marketing is believed to be very easy. Everyone seems to know what to do except the marketer.

“Is it not just social media?”

“If I were the one, I would put billboards at strategic places and run a TV ad”

“Let’s do this. I am very sure it would work”

Then there is the second group who have never run a campaign but for some reason believe they are the best marketers and can market anything

“If you create a lead magnet, put it out there and customers will follow you”

“Create the proper sales funnel, and you will see your numbers go off the roof”

Relax, if it works that way, then everyone should be swimming in millions. Marketing is unpredictable. In fact, the best marketers approach marketing with some level of uncertainty and at best, they are able to make a forecast.

The best marketers are open-minded and are willing to test till they find what works. It is not so much about the many books you have read or the tweets you’ve bookmarked or the money you claim to have. It is about the market – what do they want? How do they want it? What works for them?

Marketing, because it deals with human behavior, is very unpredictable. There is no certainty. The best marketers know that marketing is hard. The best marketers are good at guesswork. The more certain a marketer is, the more likely they would flop.

So, calm down. You are not an expert. None of us are. That strategy will most likely not work. That plan may flop. Always remember, you are going in to learn the ropes. To test ruthlessly. To make hard decisions. To be quick to implement.

Stop talking and start working. Marketing is hard, dear expert.

to be continued…

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