Later & Now

Later & Now

There are two ways to view later.

When you get to postpone important work and when you get to postpone unimportant work.

It is easier to say, “I will do the dishes tomorrow morning when I wake”

But it is difficult to say, “I will watch this movie later”

We are conditioned to continually seek pleasure.

It is called immediate gratification.

It is designed to satisfy our desires right now.

But that is very easy to do. We do it every day without blinking.

Once we hear the notification message on our device, we are conditioned to pick it up to check.

We want to know the latest gist.

What is trending?

Before we know it, our time is far spent.

We would have spent hours scrolling through the feeds, hitting the like and retweet button.

Smiling at whatever our eyes finds appealing and not to forget, making screenshots of things we want to make reference to later or post on feed.

We are not wired to drop our phones for a while to think through, to write, to learn a skill, to take a course.

We are not wired to read a book, ignore our chats, schedule the use of our devices.

We are not wired to say, let me get this skill now; so it can pay its dividends for me later.

Later is a strong word.

Later is the future.

Later is the fruit of what yesterday and today yields.

Later is not just a word you throw away loosely to defend your mediocrity

Later is Time

Time should be your greatest asset.

Time spent is not redeemable.

You can chat later.

You can play that game later

You can scroll through social media later.

You can buy that shoe, bag or cloth later.

Normalize it.

Right now, you want to find every possible way to increase the worth of your value

Right now, you want to spend time finding answers to the question, “what do you have to offer”

Right now, you want to put in the work.

Now is not for the enjoyment, there is a lot of it ahead for you…

…if you put in the work now and not later

Now and not Later

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