Beyond Your Job

Beyond Your Job

Beyond Your Job

The bike man was very patient with me. I needed to use the ATM/POS very late at night and he patiently searched with me and even comforted me when I was a bit worried by making me laugh.

The food attendant patiently searched with me as I was looking for the biggest chicken. I said, “If you were the one that wants to buy, which chicken will you pick?” She smiled and went through all of the chicken to help me make a choice.

The secetary at the ministry, was very jovial with me despite the work load. She assisted me and answered all of my questions. She even made fun of me jokingly as we bursted into another round of laughter

The attendant at the mall was very patient with me despite my clumisiness. She took her time to help me organize myself before calculating my bill.

For the most part, the job of the bike man is to take me from here to there based on agreement. The job of the food attendant is to dish my order. The job of the secretary is to ensure I achieve what I came to do. The job of the mall attendant is to calculate my bill.

But they did their jobs and more. They showed me what it means to be human. They knew that their job is more than what they pay them for. They have all the reasons to be rude, or angry or dismissive. They most likely are earning slightly above the minimum wage but they did not let that define them.

Their bosses might never know how much impression they have made on their customers and might never be rewarded for this. But they have shown that it is beyond your job.

It is about the connection. The happiness they have spread. The smile they have put on our faces. The help they have rendered.

It is them choosing to be human. To be vulnerable. To be meaningful. They have shown that their work is a gift. A gift we may never be able to repay because that is what a gift is all about – unmerited favour.

They chose not to transfer aggression or their struggle or their hurt or their pains.

Rather, they chose to share love and joy. They chose to be vulnerable.

It is a lesson we both must learn – that our job is a gift to others. Beyond the money we are being paid, our job is to be human.

Yes, it is beyond your job.

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