Detaching Yourself from the Outcome

Detaching Yourself from the Outcome

Detaching Yourself from the Outcome

Nobody knows what the outcome of any endeavor will be for sure.

We think we do; we believe we do but we don’t.

If I publish this post, it will go viral and plenty people will fall in love with it and me

If I write this book, it will become a best seller

If I go into this relationship, we will end up getting married and living our lives together forever.

The truth is, the post might not go viral, the book might not sell a copy, the relationship might end prematurely

Yet, it doesn’t always come out as planned but it is also not a reason not to stand up and show up everyday.

It is all a possibility that it might work or not. But we do not know for sure which would work and which wouldn’t.

This is the beauty of art – the fact that it is unpredictable.

The fact that we cannot say for sure what will happen is what makes it beautiful yet terrifying.

My advice is do not attach yourself to the outcome. I’d rather you attach yourself to the process.

The process is where the growth is. The outcome whether good or bad is the proof of growth. 

You cannot control the outcome. Continually focusing on it is a waste of time and precious energy. It is easy to do because it gives a false sense of fulfillment.

The outcome is only a possibility but the process that brought you that outcome is a part of you.

Cherish the process by detaching yourself from the outcome

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  1. Thanks so much for this!
    But I am confused, how do we stay committed to the outcome without being attached or obsessed with the outcome?

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