Messed Up

We Are Messed Up

We Are Messed Up

This is not one of those blog posts with a title as click bait.

This is real and you can confirm it. You just need to be open minded

Have you ever been called a name you never wanted?

Like Blackie, Shorty, Yellow Paw Paw? How did it make you feel?

Oh, what about comparison?

By your parents, your teachers, your friends?

What do you think happened to you?

You think it was just another event?

Tell me, how do you feel when someone corrects you?

You feel bad, right? You feel like you are a bad person who has no idea how to do anything?

How about fear, anxiety and depression? It comes every now and then right?

Hunting you. Telling you that you are not good enough. That you won’t make it, right?

Have you ever been told, “I am very disappointed in you” or “I expected better from you”

Have you?

Has someone ever told a lie against you and you got punished for it?

Or you think someone transferred aggression on you for no just reason?

Have you found yourself trying to please someone? Someone you love or look up to?

Or you find you self comparing your achievement with another person?

Oh, how do I know? You want to know?

Well, it is simple. It is because I am messed up my self.

We all are.

But we do not need to remain so. We need to find the courage to rise above our mess.

We need to stop hiding behind it. We need to stop covering it up.

We need to stop living our lives for people.

We need to acknowledge, just like I have that, “Hey, this is my mess and I am going to make amend”

We need to accept the fact that we are worthy irrespective of whatever it is we have do or have been through.

Yes, we are messed up and it is fine.

It is time to take care of our mess.

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One Comment

  1. We’re all messed up.

    This is so true

    So true.
    It’s time to take care of our mess by ourselves.

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