Doing the Right thing and Doing the thing Right

Doing the Right thing and Doing the thing Right?

Doing the Right thing or Doing the thing Right?

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat” – Sun Tzu

I got a mail from one of the VPs at the office detailing how I failed to do due diligence while uploading our videos unto YouTube channel

I had never thought of the implications as whenever I had to upload to YouTube it was either to run adverts or to embed the link on our blog or website. So, all I had in mind then was what I wanted to do with those videos.

Upon reading the mail sent, it dawned on me how I was shortsighted on the importance of doing things right. Now, I have to go back to make edits one after the other.

This took my mind back to reflect on how much I’ve obsessed over doing the right things with little attention to doing things right.

We often think that doing the right thing automatically means that we are doing things right and that doing things right automatically means that we are doing the right things.

For instance, a business owner that decides to use email marketing as their main source of traffic is doing the right thing by trying to get people. But they might not be getting desired results because they are doing email marketing wrong.

An example of doing things right but doing the wrong thing is a person that wants to sell to a global population but does not have a website or an ecommerce store and as such they are only servicing a localized group of people.

People have gone on to define doing things right as tactical thinking while doing the right things as strategic thinking. While I do not want to bore you with the rhetorics of having to define the difference between strategy and tactics, one important thing to note is that both are equally important.

You need a strategy to get things in motion and you need tactics to implement these things. We are most often always chasing after doing the right things that we forget how important doing the right things the right way is.

This is a call-to-action for me and you to learn to accommodate both rather than sacrifice one for the other. If you do the right thing and you fail to do thing the right way, you will have to come back to do it the right way if you are lucky. If you do the wrong thing the right way, you must be ready to bear the consequences of it.

Do the right things and do things the right way.

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