Paradox of Consistency

The Paradox of Consistency

One of the problems I’ve invested the last few years trying to solve is the issue of consistency. In my findings, I have stumbled on what I call – the paradox of consistency

Consistency works in a funny way. It is a double edged sword.
1. You can be consistent being consistent
2. You can be consistent being inconsistent

This means that consistency is always at play whether we like it or not. This is the paradox of consistency. Permit me to compare consistency with time.

Whether you maximize time or not, it keeps going. Same way consistency works. Whether you put it to good use or not, it is always in play.

Today is the last day of the 30 days writing challenge and one thing I can say is that, most people do not have a consistency challenge. What they have is a discipline challenge.

This I think is what differentiates the consistent from the inconsistent. Most of the excuses I got from people who did not finish this journey were either

1. I don’t have the time to get to it
2. I don’t get to know how to write what I know.

Yet, they had time to scroll through social media to know the latest challenge, hear the trending gist. They had time to chat, to upload on their social media pages and all.

Not that these things are wrong, they are just proof that their excuses were not tenable. More so, that they weren’t disciplined enough to put their consistency to good use.

Today, I leave you with the question, “What are you doing with your consistency?”

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