What it Means to be Shameless


Shame is the evaluative perception of the self involving moral sentiment and social reputation

Shame is a two way street – going against what you regard as your values or morals and what the society regards as normal or right.

However, what we regard as our values are all a product of what we’ve learnt in the society. Hence shame is a social concept.

But shameless is not a word that means to be without shame. For to be without shame is to not have self values or to not exist in the society. Hence, shame is universal.

The argument for whether shame is good or bad is not for here. But shame is felt when we perceive ourselves as being perceived as devalued whether actual or imaginary for going against the norm

To be shameless is to ignore the narrative of devaluation or public disapproval. To be shameless is to properly manage the consequences of shame. To be shameless is to use shame to your advantage.

To be shameless is not an excuse to misbehave. It is a reason to change the world.

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